CALCA Grants

At the meeting of the CALCA Committee on 18 March 2015, endorsed by the AGM of 23 June 2015, it was decided that the Association can currently afford to offer modest funding to enterprises that support the stated aims of CALCA:

To provide for the development of best practice in and the exchange of information about all aspects of the care, development and promotion of archives, libraries and collections in the cathedrals of Great Britain and Ireland, to secure their continuing educational role within the wider mission of their governing bodies.

CALCA therefore now invites applications from fully paid up members of two years or more standing for sterling grants in areas such as the following:

  • Help in defraying the costs of holding conferences and workshops
  • Support for small projects such as the web-publication of unpublished catalogues or inventories
  • Assistance to members in undertaking essential travel as part of work in line with CALCA’s aims
  • The provision of equipment, such as perhaps book supports, to facilitate access to collections
  • Assistance with the necessary purchase of books, archives and objects to benefit the CALCA community
  • Carrying out conservation work on items or providing equipment such as data loggers to help in monitoring environments

Funds will NOT be made available towards the cost of commercial publication nor for maintenance work but will be allocated where they can be expected to provide the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. Often this will be achieved by making several small awards, rather than a few larger awards. Funding levels may vary from year to year, but it is anticipated that the Committee will make awards of not more than £250 each, and of not more than £500 in total each year.

Applications should comprise: a brief outline of the project, conference or work; its overall cost; the grant being sought; the names and addresses of two referees; details of the addressee for the cheque.

Forms can be downloaded from this link: CALCA Grants application form, or by application to Dr Michael Stansfield, CALCA Treasurer (Durham University Library, Palace Green, Durham DH1 3RN, or to whom completed applications should be submitted by 31 August. Applications will then be considered at the subsequent meeting of the committee. Successful applicants will be informed shortly thereafter.

Finally, successful applicants will be asked to submit for publication in CALCA newsletter a brief report (300-500 words) of the use to which the grant was put.