Several speakers from the 2019 CALCA Conference at Salisbury Cathedral have kindly made their presentations available for sharing through the website. You can browse and view them here.

Session 1: Professional Standards
Spectrum, the museum collections management standard, Sarah Brown,
Outreach Officer, Collections Trust
Rare book and other special collections cataloguing standards: an
overview of the modules in the Descriptive Cataloguing of Rare
Materials (DCRM) suite, Iris O’Brien, Early Printed Collections
Cataloguing & Processing Manager, British Library
Understanding archive standards: approaches to cataloguing complex collections, Dr Melinda Haunton, Programme Manager (Archive Service
Accreditation), The National Archives

Session 2: Book Provenance
Exploring Provenance in Historic Books, David Pearson, Institute of
English Studies, University of London
Researching Provenance: two case studies based on books in the cathedral
library, Peter Hoare, Anne Dutton and John Dover

Session 3: Volunteers
Volunteers and heritage – where would we be without them – the sky’s the limit, Colin Shearer, Regions Director, Churches Conservation Trust
A Volunteer’s Perspective: three case studies by volunteers working in
archives and museums:
Salisbury Museum case study i
Sue Martin
Salisbury Museum case study ii, Elizabeth Turner
Salisbury Cathedral Library case studyDonna McBride

Session 4: Conservation Surveys
Surveys for Traditional Archive and Library Materials, Chris Woods,
Director, National Conservation Service
Condition surveys for everything else (non-book and paper) in your library and archive collection, Emily Watts, Collection Care North
Manager, British Library (Boston Spa)

Session 5: Integrating Collections & Interpreting History
Objects of Faith: the Significance of Cathedral Collections for the Church’s Mission, Canon Chris Collingwood, Canon Chancellor, York Minster
Treasures in the Attic: Creating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries
in the Triforium of Westminster Abbey, Tony Trowles, Head of Abbey
Collection & Librarian, Westminster Abbey
Open Treasure at Durham Cathedral: Revealing the hidden stories of
the collections, Marie-Thérèse Mayne, Exhibition’s Officer, Durham Cathedral
New Lambeth Palace Library – much more than a building, Declan Kelly,
Director of Libraries and Archives, and Giles Mandelbrote, Librarian and
Archivist, Lambeth Palace